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A certain level of peace flows through me this morning as I notice the light getting brighter and brighter through my kitchen window. The air is crisp and clear and fresh smelling. October 1st, the calendar says, and I’ve turned my heat on for a couple of hours, just to take the night-time chill out of the air. It’ll probably be in the seventies, short sleeve weather on a perfect fall day. I’ll take my little dog out for walk in a while, his short legs blurring as he trots speedily along until he stops suddenly to inspect a blade of grass, or changes direction to pull me over to some savory dog scent. The small things soothe an anxious heart if I take the time to notice.

My friend and I closed our shared office yesterday, the space no longer able to serve our needs as it did when we opened it eight months ago. It’s more of a relief than sadness I feel, for people seem to prefer the healing room I have in my house for sessions than the sweet little office my friend and I created in the creepy basement of what was once a medical clinic. It’s funny sometimes how subtle changes show up to let you know it’s time to move on. Our friend down the hall moved her office out a couple of months ago and it just never seemed the same after that. I know we’ll find a better space when the time is right, but for now it’s as if I hold my breath, waiting for the inner guidance that will tell me what to do.

September was a month of milestones for me, ever reminding me of what I left behind and who I am yet becoming. My thirty year marriage both began and ended in September; the 17th the wedding anniversary, the 11th the date the divorce became final. Yesterday, the 30th, I sat with my friend at a coffee shop and drank iced ginger-milk after we handed our keys back to the landlord. I was so grateful for her friendship, and for the moment, for my divorce. Without that milestone I might never have met her or opened an office to begin with. I am so much more confident, and happier, than I have been in a long time.

“I don’t know what I’ll do for space now,” my friend said. “I’m not even sure I want to do sessions for people all the time, full-time I mean,” she sighed. We are well-matched. I echo her sentiments. But having that public office has opened us both up to a larger world, one not so easily shut down by the change in venue we’ve just gone through. I have another friend I was just talking to yesterday. She’s rented a new office space for her non-profit, one with offices to sublet, not incompatible with the healing work my friend Kerrie and I do. Is it time to go check it out? Is this our next step? Can it really be this simple?

Last week I got to do not one but two house clearings. One was a lot of effort; the other was more a “refreshing” of home space, a spontaneous work done because I still had my house clearing stuff in my car when I went visiting for coffee one morning. Later today my daughter’s friend wants me to do some energy work for her at my house after work. Thursday I’m going on a little road trip to help someone who can’t come to me and who needs more assistance than long-distance healing might provide. She’s a trained and gifted medical intuitive. Her work is needed in the world. Besides, I haven’t seen her in a while. We’ll have time to reconnect on many levels.

I suspect doors are opening as the other space closes. Someone is coming this weekend to use my house for her workshop on “Alchemy,” her story of how a scary diagnosis propelled her into finding her true work in the world as a very talented psychic medium. Each of us is a very different person. We have different gifts and interests. But I am so very blessed in knowing all these women. We’re like a bunch of isolated birds hanging in cages in a shop window, and all at once someone’s opened all the doors.

“Weird,” might be a word others would use to describe each of us. “Crazy.” Maybe “heretic.” The things we are interested in, in a different time, might have gotten us burned at the stake. Today I get to chuckle at the thought. Together we are such a beautiful, multi-colored and talented flock.

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